Additional Bonus Content for STARS AND SOIL

Now that NaNoWriMo is behind us, and I'm in the home stretch of finishing SMOKE AND STEEL (just completed chapter 23 out of 25!), I've found the time to work more on the Campfire project of STARS AND SOIL, as I mentioned in my last update.

Well, between yesterday and today, I've added four more character profiles to the project!

You can now read more about some of the members of the extended royal family!

I'll be adding Dorieann, Duchess of Hern, Nait Loughlin, Queen Isleen, and King Tarmon in the coming days. Possibly even a profile for Tómas, the former Duke of Clare? HMMMMM.

I've also added a bit more about Caitlin's antics as a child and teen, before she matured into the dedicated and dutiful daughter we see her as in STARS AND SOIL.

I've got a few short stories in the works, too. While I plug away at revising SMOKE AND STEEL, I hope to continue to add more bonus content for STARS AND SOIL as a way of giving myself a break and giving y'all something to enjoy while waiting for the next release! I really hope to get it out sooner rather than later this time.

If you haven't already, pick up STARS AND SOIL exclusively on Campfire!

Also, what the heck? Currently #3 in Fantasy!! Ahh!