More Ways to Get My Books

Great news! All of my books are now available on Google Play! Prior to 2020, it was a little bit of a pain to have books listed on Google Play; they would randomly put people's books on sale without telling them, which would cause every other retailer with your book to also lower your book's price for price-matching. This was especially bad as lowering the price on Amazon would drastically decrease your royalties. So it was more of a risk than a reward. But no more!

You can now get * A Lake of Feathers and Moonbeams, * The Magic Surrendered, * Birthing Orion, * Shades and Silver * Stars and Soil on Google Play.

After much debate and consideration, I am making STARS AND SOIL more widely available. I had been hoping to keep it exclusive to Campfire and by purchase directly on my shop. But enough people requested it be available elsewhere that I cannot in good conscience refuse.

Current List of where you can now find a copy of Stars and Soil:

And you can request a copy from your local library if you are in the US.

If you've already read Star and Soil, thank you! I hope you enjoyed it. I would kindly ask that you consider leaving a review. Reviews really help us indie authors connect with new readers and help readers find the stories they need. It doesn't have to be a huge essay; just a sentence or two is enough to make sure that Stars and Soil finds its way into the hands of those who will cherish it.

I always try to keep each of my books as up-to-date as possible on my website. So check back on the Stars and Soil Page for all links!

The best deals are always going to be found directly on my shop, and subscribers to my newsletter get an exclusive discount that they can use on any book!

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