New Revision Journal!

I enjoy making tools for other people who like to organize and keep track of their progress on projects. I previously shared my spreadsheet progress tracker for revision. Now I have a pdf file full of planner templates that you can use to track the finer details of novel revision. These are meant to be printed out and inserted into a 3-ring binder, a disc-bound planner, or even stapled together if that's what you like. But there is nothing stopping you from using it in a digital notebook on a tablet!

It comes in two themes: a simple starburst theme and a more intricate crystal theme.

It has pages for planning your week, planning your month, keeping track of what happens in which scenes, tracking the weather in scenes or where the scene takes place. It has templates for tracking a character arc, in addition to character profiles. It has pages for tracking what stage of edits each chapter is in, checklists, splash pages, inspirational quotes, and more! Its over 70 pages for you to mix and match to put together the perfect revision plan as you finish up #NaNoWriMo.

I tried to include multiple structures for outlining your plot summary; 7 point, 8 point, 4 act, 3 act, 3 act with 2a and 2b, but there are also blank ones for you to fill in! Most templates also have completely blank versions.

You can head over to my store and get it for FREE (but you also have the option of paying what you feel is fair.)

Here's some of what you can expect:

I also have some other tools in the works that I hope to have ready by the holidays! Please look forward to it!